You are the answer to a mother’s prayer!

You are the answer to a mother’s prayer!

School Foundation Liaison Testimonial

The children clearly loved every minute of it and huge congratulations and thanks to you all on such a wonderful opportunity for the children. Lucky kids!

Oscar’s Testimonial

It’s the best club I’ve ever done in my life!

Sophie’s Testimonial

Not only did Oscar adore the club, it really helped him prepare for his entrance exams. He got to grips with language and character and really started to love reading. Thank you!

Charlie’s Mum’s Testimonial

My son started with Book Club Bunch two years ago and I noticed how much his reading skills improved.  From his class of 28 children only he and two others have reached the highest level.  I will always be grateful to have my son in this club and I highly recommend it.

‘Charlie’s’ Testimonial

I always look forward to Tuesday because it’s the day I have book club.  The books are exciting and the readers are fun.  I’m very pleased we could carry on even in lockdown

Mariaclara Testimonial

Filippo now loves reading, and I know this is because of Book Club Bunch.  Thank you!

Heather testimonial

Some children’s Reading Assessment results have sky-rocketed.  I believe book club is having notable impact on their retrieval and inference skills

Victoria testimonial

Book Club was brilliant!


School Foundation Chair

The session was amazing and the children were gripped.  Everyone on the committee wants a book club for their own kids.