Book Club Bunch Whistleblowing and Complaints Policy

Book Club Bunch is an open, inclusive and supportive organisation, and the welfare of its staff and students is at the heart of its operations. We believe in accountability, probity and transparency. We give equal priority to keeping all children and staff safe and supported regardless of their age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation or economic background.

Book Club Bunch strives to create a working environment which is open, tolerant, and honest, and believes in fostering a professional yet friendly community where everyone feels heard and respected. Should anyone feel uncomfortable with any of the actions taken by the organisation, or wish to complain about an aspect of the organisation, this document provides the necessary framework in which to do so.

The Organisation
Founding Director Melissa Haggist
07456489469 (Mobile) (Email)

Creative Director Matthew Carter
07982789028 (Mobile) (Email)

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Matthew Carter
07982789028 (Mobile) (Email)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) Melissa Haggist
07456489469 (Mobile) (Email)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) Alex White, (Senior Reader)
07903094417 (Mobile) (Email)

Complaints Procedure
Book Club Bunch prides itself on its nurturing, professional and approachable community spirit, and takes any complaints seriously. As a small organisation, it is hoped that the majority of issues are resolved quickly and cordially within the organisation, and Book Club Bunch will defer to any relevant authorities as and when required.

Complainants are advised that, if applicable, on the first instance any complaints can be made in confidence to the Founding Director, where it will be dealt with delicately and with discretion. Should the complaint be made about the Founding Director, complaints may be directed to the Creative Director.

If a complaint is being made in relation to a school club, the complainant may wish to issue the complaint to the relevant school authority instead. In which instance, Book Club Bunch will strive to be as supportive and forthcoming with the school in resolving the complaint.
Complainants are advised that for any Safeguarding or Child Protection concerns, they should consult Book Club Bunch’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Procedures Document.

The Founding Director (or alternative) will keep an accurate record of any complaints made, and any actions agreed upon and undertaken. Part of that agreement will be to continue to monitor the progress of any actions taken, and review if necessary. The complainant is welcome to continue to provide feedback and liaise with the relevant person, should the situation still require further action. Records will be stored securely electronically, and only the relevant authority will have access to them.

Should a complainant still be unhappy with the outcome, or wish to report a serious breach, they may enact the below whistleblowing procedure:
Whistleblowing Procedure

Book Club Bunch promises to fully comply and support the relevant authorities with all proceedings, and to act accordingly to any outcomes advised.
These policies and procedures will be regularly reviewed by the Founding Director and revised accordingly.

September 2020